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** [[:File:New Roots - Paymint Scale.pdf|New Roots "Paymint" Scale]]
** [[:File:New Roots - Paymint Scale.pdf|New Roots "Paymint" Scale]]
* '''[http://www.louisvillewic.org/wictemplate/english/splash/default.asp WIC]''' - 502-574-6676
* '''[http://www.louisvillewic.org/wictemplate/english/splash/default.asp WIC]''' - 502-574-6676
== Teaching Materials ==
* [[:File:Food_Insecurity_Presentation.pdf|Food Insecurity presentation]] by Marian Morris

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Clinic Protocol

  1. Go to Dare to Care
  2. Click the Need Food? option in the upper right hand corner.
  3. Type in the patient's address or zip code, and the list of local resources will populate.
  4. Print this page for the family
  • No need for referral or to obtain consent.
  • You can also hand out flyers for New Roots and other community resources.
  • Use Z59.4 for positive screen.

Community Resources

  • Emergency JCPS Lunch Locations during COVID-19
  • Food Stamps a.k.a. SNAP Benefits - 1-855-306-8959
    • Application process is similar to Medicaid: start application online, worker will contact family to complete process.
    • You can also apply for Kentucky Medicaid at the L&N Building at 908 W. Broadway
    • You can also apply for SNAP Benefits at every Neighborhood Place location
  • Dare to Care Food Program - 502-966-3821
    • Provides food through many partner organizations. Parents can visit the website or call Dare to Care. The website is generally the easiest way to find a pantry close by. There is an annual limit at each organization, but using up your limit at one site does not prevent you from going to another site.
    • Dare to Care also has "Kids Cafés" that provide free prepared meals for children.
  • Franciscan Kitchen - 502-589-1134
    • Serves lunch daily for the hungry
  • JCPS Free and Reduced Lunch - 502-495-7080
  • La Casita Center - 502-322-4036
    • Support group for families with special needs children (in collaboration with Dr. Nota and the Commission)
    • Provide a wide range of resources for families including food bank, clothes bank, legal resources, and parenting classes
    • Provide services in Spanish, but also have a worker who is fluent in some of the dialects spoken in Guatemala and other Central America countries
  • New Roots - 502-509-6770
  • WIC - 502-574-6676

Teaching Materials