Provider Guidelines - Criteria for Patients to be Seen by Psychiatry in Gen Peds Clinics

From UofL General Peds

Medication management for:

  • Complex ADHD (failed trials of medications by PCP)
  • Depression and anxiety (failed trials of medications by PCP )
  • PTSD or OCD
  • Patients whose medicines can be adjusted and then patient can be sent back to PCP for ongoing management
  • Patients with Bipolar Disorder, Schizophrenia, eating disorders or substance abuse
    • PLEASE tell family that ultimately their care will most likely need to be moved to Bingham or Seven counties as all of these issues are likely to require chronic collaboration between PCP and psychiatrist and not just PCP care alone. Psychiatry is happy to see them at peds clinics first to triage. Also note that Bingham or Seven Counties may at times be able to get these patients seen sooner.

Things that psychiatry is unable to do in the Gen Peds Clinics

  • Any form of psychotherapy or play therapy.
    • Please talk to Social work about possible options in the community or patient can be referred to Bingham for possible evaluation (unfortunately Bingham does not always have therapy spots available but Dr. Goldstein is happy to check.)
  • Any type of forensic evaluations
  • Ongoing parent training and behavior management
  • Psychological evaluation or psychological testing
  • Testing for learning disabilities
  • Emotional support animal letters