Notes on ICD10

From UofL General Peds
  1. Immunizations: Use diagnosis code V05.9 (Z23) regardless of whether visit is well visit or sick visit.
    • Delinquent vaccine status is not needed from a coding standpoint. May choose to use as documentation to flag the chart, but all that is needed for billing is Z23 linked to the vaccines and administration charges.
  2. Well child visits:
    • Z00.129 - Well child with normal findings
    • Z00.121 - Well child with abnormal findings
      • Use if ANY abnormal finding identified: obesity, chronic condition such as asthma or ADHD, new finding such as URI
      • To find in Allscripts, search for "Encounter for routine child health examination." You will see an entry with a (+) sign that will then allow you to choose with abnormal findings or without abnormal findings'. You then can save this to your favorites and won't have to search each time.
  3. ADHD
    • F90.0 - Inattentive
    • F90.1 - Hyperactive
    • F90.2 - Combined
    • F90.8 - Specified type NEC
    • F90.9 - Unspecified
  4. Allergic Rhinitis
    • Only specify cause if know (i.e. confirmed by allergy testing)
  5. Asthma:
    • Specify severity: intermittent vs. mild vs. moderate vs. severe persistent.
    • If not having exacerbation on day of visit, asthma is uncomplicated
  6. Behavior Concerns
    • Do NOT use V40.9/F69, since it is an adult code. Instead use:
      • R46.89 - Other symptoms and signs involving appearance and behavior
      • F98.9 - Unspecified behavioral and emotional disorders with onset usually occurring in childhood and adolescence
  7. Food Insecurity
    • Use Z59.4 for positive screen, and place referral Allscripts under the FU/Ref tab under Food Bank. Also, a ULP signed consent specific to the organizations (Dare to Care and New Roots) which will be notified of parents' contact information MUST be in the chart for the referral to occur.