HIV/STI Screening Guidelines

From UofL General Peds


  • CDC: All adults and adolescents should be tested for HIV at least once between 13-64 years of age AND annually for high risk adolescents who are concurrently being tested for other STIs.
  • AAP Policy Statement: All adolescents should be offered HIV screening via opt out testing at least once by age 16-18 years when the prevalence of HIV is >0.1% in teh community. In areas of lower prevalence, routine HIV screening via targeted testing is encouraged for all sexually active adolescents and those with other risk factors for HIV.


  • CDC and AAP: Recommend annual screening of sexually active females </= to 25 years of age for gonorrhea and chlamydia, and screening of any symptomatic or at-risk adolescents.
  • AAP also recommends confidential sexual risk assessments and counseling during routine adolescent well visits in the primary care settings.